Lamps made by Steelight are not simply lamps for car-fans and technology freaks. We do our work with true passion and emotion. For you –

our customers – we want to introduce ourselves:

Markus Krause

the creative engineer

Florian Krause

the competent electrical engineer

Verena Deininger 

the logistic expert

Markus Krause

the creative engineer

“There must be banging and stinking”

These words describe my passion briefly and concisely. At the age of 18 I restored my first oldtimer, a Daimler Steyr Puch of 1974, which I still drive on beautiful summer days. Since then I held many different vehicle parts in my hands inspiring me to produce the lamps and the
 trade-mark STEELIGHT.

Verena Deininger 

the logistic expert

“structure and order make the shop run”

As an economics graduate focusing on logistics I take care for the smooth production of our lamps and for the two lads being organized. The story told by every individual car has always fascinated me the same way as the particular story told by our lights.

Florian Krause

the competent electrical engineer

“banging and stinking – by no means with me!”


As an electrical engineer I ensure a reliable internal working of our lamps. During my younger years I was passionately involved in repairing electronic devices which served me very well later in my professional life as an electronic developer.

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Our lights show off the beautiful things of your life. Enjoy in enriching the life of yourself and your friends with lamps from Steelight.

Our lamps are a special gift for any occasion. They illuminate your home, adding a special relaxing atmosphere.

Let your meeting rooms, exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants shine in a new light.


We offer you:

  • You can combine different parts in our shop according to your wishes. On demand we offer special assembly with your own vehicle parts.

  • We readily advise you on planning the illumination of your rooms. Contact us!

All our lamps are handmade originals “made in Germany”.




In our manufacturing unit the lamps are assembled by hand. We set the highest value on accuracy and after completion we execute with every single lamp a quality test. In this way the highest quality standard is achieved. No lamp equals the other.

For the production of our lamps we mainly use used vehicle parts. Before converting them into a lamp they are cleaned with a specially developed technique in such a way, that the used look is preserved. Afterwards this patina is sealed by undergoing a multistage processing. Thus we obtain high-quality lamps, whose surface remains as on its first day. No matter if rusted, shiny or with burnt-in oil-patina. For our lamps we exclusively use high-quality LEDs of the leading manufacturers. Thereby we put special value on a high color rendering index. This index is a decisive factor for indicating a high-quality light, where colors show up almost as in daylight.

Furthermore we not only check the LEDs but also adjust the lens system to each individual lamp-model, in order to create an optimal radiation characteristic.




In our shop you will find unusual illuminations using vehicle parts of different types. Be it walls- or ceiling-lamps, rusted or shiny. It`s up to you to create individual lamps according to your wishes.

Do you have special wishes or do you want to take your own vehicle parts and convert them into lights? Please contact us – we would be glad to make an individual offer for you!


The “piston”-collection

For our collection of piston lamps we upcycle used pistons. Thus each piston lamp tells its own story by its “fingerprints”. For our lights we use high-quality LEDs and thus provide optimal illumination in your home. Our lamps are furnished with a specially adapted lens-technology in order to optimally spread the light-beams of the incorporated LEDs. This piston-lamp collection consists of the models “piston desk-lamp” and “piston wall-lamp”.


Brake disk collection

For our brake disk collection we take used brake disks from race cars and upcycle them. As we do for all our collections we use high-quality LEDs and thus ensure optimal illumination at your home. We offer the ceiling-lamps of our brake disk collection in different variations. Not only does the appearance of the brake disks differ from one another but also their functioning. For ideal illumination of the room our lights are provided with lenses radiating widely in order to illuminate even the last corner of the room.

The ceiling-lamp can also be used as a low-hanging light above tables. For this purpose we use lamps with a lens technology producing a narrow cone of rays.




You are interested in a special illumination and want to get advice for planning a light system or you need more information about our products and services?

Please contact us, no matter if you have questions, suggestions or criticism.

Since we constantly work on improving our products and service we are glad for every feedback!

Via e-mail or our contact form we are always at your disposal. Should you not be able to reach us by telephone then leave your number and we will call you back!


Our service:


  • You can create individually your own light combining the components mentioned underneath or you order an already designed lamp from our shop.

  • We also produce the lamps from vehicle parts of our customers and are able to quickly realize (almost) every wish.

  • Each lamp is made of at least one vehicle part and is completed by corresponding LEDs and lens technology. In addition to the lamp our customers can choose engravings, laser inscriptions and colored sockets.